Vegan pizza
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An El Al stewardess told a passenger that she may not bring non-kosher food with her on El Al flights after she spotted her eating a slice of vegan pizza she had brought with her on the plane, Ynet reported.

Jessica Fishman had been on the New York-Tel Aviv flight for a few hours when she pulled a piece of pizza out of her bag. A stewardess who saw her eating the pizza asked if it was kosher, noting that EL Al planes abide by the laws of kashrut (kosher).

In fact, while El Al does observe the laws of kashrut, their policies do not include asking passengers whether the food they brought with them is kosher or not.

A few hours after the incident, a stewardess offered the passenger food from the plane, which Fishman refused, recording later interactions using her mobile phone.

Fishman immigrated from the US to Israel 14 years ago.