Saad Hariri
Saad Hariri Reuters

The Hezbollah organization on Thursday welcomed Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri's decision to suspend his resignation pending talks, AFP reported.

Hariri stepped down from his post in a televised address on November 4 from Saudi Arabia and then remained in Riyadh, citing assassination threats as well as the negative impact on Lebanon and the region of Hezbollah and its Iranian patrons.

Hariri then remained in Saudi Arabia, leading to weeks of speculation that he was being detained there against his well. He then travelled to France, Egypt and Cyprus, before arriving back in his homeland on Tuesday and announcing that he was putting his decision to quit on hold ahead of negotiations.

Hezbollah's parliamentary group said in a statement that the party was "very satisfied with the political developments".

"The return of the head of government, his positive comments and the consultations offer a glimpse of a return to normalcy," it said, according to AFP.

Hariri, a 47-year-old Sunni politician whose family made its fortune in Saudi Arabia and whose Future Movement is supported by Riyadh, said upon his return that Lebanon should remain neutral in the region.

His resignation had raised fears of an escalation between the region's Sunni and Shiite rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Hezbollah, despite its differences with Hariri, had been a part of his government for almost a year.

After his resignation, the group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, accused Saudi Arabia of forcing Hariri to resign.