A new video released by the Boomerang organization shows how, despite the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict, there is not necessarily much that separates Jews and Arabs on a personal level.

Boomerang is a public relations organization established by Ezri Tubi, the former spokesman of the Samaria community of Yitzhar. The group aims to bypass media bias and document what life in Judea and Samaria is really like.

In his latest video, Tubi enters a Nargila shop in the Arab village of Huwara in Samaria. He sits with the owner of the shop and the two engage in friendly conversation.

“I pray to God, you pray too,” the Nargila shop owner tells Tubi. “You wear a hat [as a God-fearing person], you wear tzitzit, and you pray, and believe there’s something above us. So why do [our respective nations] have problems [with each other]? he asks Tubi.

“Maybe because we each believe Allah wants something else from us,” Tubi suggests.

Later, the two drink coffee together, and even dance together in the street.

“On a personal level, I succeed in finding common ground with many of our Arab neighbors, and feel free in my interactions with them,” Tubi says.

“The problem starts on the level of national identity - that is where we stand on opposite sides of the fence, in a situation of hostility and war.”