Tamar Ullmann
Tamar UllmannHaifa University

Israel Bar Association Haifa District Committee Chair Attorney Tamar Ullmann on Thursday morning expressed concern that the "MeToo" campaign would severely harm innocent people.

At a conference held by Haifa University's Faculty of Law, Ullmann said, "When women wake up one morning and decide to say something against someone who hurt them 30-40, or maybe 15, years ago - I am worried about the fact that they are lynching people in the town square and shaming them, causing them to lose their respect, their jobs, and their friends."

Ullmann explained that she is worried by the fact that these complaints, which are supported and shared on social media, may well harm innocent people.

"This kind of openness and willingness to to go the media, Facebook, and all sorts of other sites, spreading slander about things which may or may not have been done - it's a crime against those who did nothing wrong," she explained. "Can you prove today, after you were fired, after people told you not to come to social gatherings that you're not guilty?"

"It bothers me because it could happen to every one of us. Any one of us could find himself slandered on Facebook. We are all good people - until we are slandered by media sites and social media."

According to Ullmann, there is currently a proposal to require the staff handling every rape case to include a woman.

"If we read the map correctly, the women's organizations are causing us to twist legal thinking. Can you explain to me why a panel of men cannot properly judge a rape case?"

Haifa University Faculty of Law Dean Oren Gazal-Ayal, who participated in the conference, admitted that innocent people may be harmed by the MeToo campaign.

"The MeToo campaign on social media may well harm innocent people who did nothing wrong," he said. "But the repercussions of such severe acts on society is so important that I think there is great benefit to the campaign."