Sayfullo Saipov
Sayfullo Saipov Reuters

A federal grand jury on Tuesday indicted Sayfullo Saipov, who carried out last month’s truck attack in Manhattan, on terrorism and murder charges, Reuters reports.

Saipov was arrested immediately after the October 31 attack in which he plowed a truck down a New York City bike lane, killing eight people, and has been in federal custody.

The indictment charged Saipov with eight counts of murder, 12 counts of attempted murder, one count of providing and attempting to provide material support to Islamic State (ISIS) and one count of violence and destruction of a motor vehicle resulting in death, the Justice Department said.

Saipov, an Uzbek immigrant, was hospitalized after he was shot by a police officer and arrested.

ISIS later claimed responsibility for the truck attack, which was the deadliest assault on New York City since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks carried out by Al-Qaeda.

Five of the victims were Argentinians who were part of a group in New York to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their high school graduation. A Belgian woman, a New Yorker and a New Jersey man were also killed.

A note written in Arabic praising ISIS was found inside the truck used by Saipov to commit the ramming attack. The note read: "ISIS lives forever."

He also told investigators he was inspired by ISIS videos he had watched on his cellphone, chose Halloween for the attack because he believed more people would be on the streets, and had originally planned to strike the Brooklyn Bridge as well as the bike path.