Infiltrators in South Tel Aviv
Infiltrators in South Tel AvivPhoto by Zuzana Janku / Flash90

The cabinet decided unanimously today (Sunday) to adopt the initiative championed by Interior Minister Aryeh Deri and Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan to close the Hulot holding facility in the Negev.According to the outline proposed by the ministers, the facility for incarcerating illegal aliens will receive an extension of three months in order to prepare for its closing.

After the facility's closure, all persons staying illegally in Israel will have to choose between entering a regular prison and leaving the country.

Minister Erdan wrote on Twitter this morning that the restriction imposed by the Supreme Court on the period of stay in Hulot, which is 12 months maximum, renders the facility ineffective.

"Hulot facility has become a 'hote'l for infiltrators at the expense of the public at a cost of 240 million shekels every year and does not encourage their departure," Erdan said.