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Hadashot Sof Hashavua claimed to reveal US President Donald Trump's peace plan, as understood by senior Israeli officials who spoke to the US negotiation team.

According to the report, Trump intends to offer the Palestinian Authority (PA) its own country. The plan will include land swaps, but not necessarily along the pre-1967 borders.

In addition, the PA will receive millions of dollars to allow it to build a viable economy. Most of the funds will come from Sunni Arab countries, who will encourage PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to accept the offer.

However, the US recognizes Israel's need for security. IDF forces will be stationed along the Jordan River, and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is currently fighting to receive full security control of the area, according to the report.

The US plan would not include expelling Arabs or Jews from their homes. According to senior sources in Jerusalem, the subject of dividing Jerusalem has not been discussed.

In keeping with the US plan, discussions regarding moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as well as discussions on recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital have been delayed. According to reports, the delay is intended to make it easier for Netanyahu to discuss the US plan with right-wing politicians and the Israeli public.

The Saturday night report also said Israeli officials claim Trump and his administration have not decided which party - Israel or the PA - is responsible for the failure of past negotiations attempts. Therefore, the sources asked that Israel not fight Trump's plan and wait for PA response to it.

The Knesset Land of Israel Caucus and the Council of Judea and Samaria responded with vehement opposition to the idea of a Palestinian Arab state alongside Israel. Miniser Uri Ariel (National Union) said that his party will not remain in a coalition that agrees to a Palestinian Arab state in Judea and Samaria.

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