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The European Union on Wednesday released a statement expressing “continuing EU support to efforts to achieve intra-Palestinian reconciliation.”

“Following the agreement signed by Fatah and Hamas in Cairo on 12 October and in the run-up to a meeting of all Palestinian factions in Cairo on 21 November, the European Union is continuing its support to current efforts to reunite Gaza and the West Bank under one single and legitimate Palestinian Authority,” an EU spokesperson said.

The statement noted that the EU was “deploying a high-level diplomatic mission this week to discuss with key interlocutors on the ground the political and security conditions and the expectations of the relevant parties in view of a possible redeployment of the EU Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM) at Rafah, including possible EU financial assistance.”

“Opening all crossing points, under the management and control of the Palestinian Authority, will be crucial for freedom of movement for the people of Gaza and for enabling the Palestinian Authority to resume its full responsibilities in Gaza and achieve intra-Palestinian reconciliation,” the statement asserted.

“We expect all Palestinian factions to work together in good faith towards that goal, and to refrain from any irresponsible actions or rhetoric that could distract from this important process and that would jeopardize collective efforts to improve the situation of the people of Gaza.”