Demolition of Sarona terrorists' homes
Demolition of Sarona terrorists' homesIDF Spokesperson

Security forces sealed off last night a room in the house of terrorist Khaled Hamra, who carried out the shooting attack in Sarona, in the village of Yatta near Hevron.

The home of the terrorist was partially demolished after the shooting attack in which Ido Ben Ari, Ilana Naveh, Michael Feiga and Milla Mishayev were killed and 15 other civilians were wounded.

Last night, work was completed as another room in the building was sealed, after it became clear that the room had been used by the family in violation of the order issued.

In addition, IDF forces detained last night 30 wanted persons in Judea and Samaria, 25 of them suspected of involvement in terror attacks against civilians and security forces. The suspects were transferred for interrogation.

During a large-scale brigade operation in the city of Shechem, IDF forces, together with the Shin Bet, the Border Police and the Israel Police, seized three weapons, a pistol, parts of weapons and military equipment being held illegally.