Gabbai and Lapid
Gabbai and Lapid Flash 90

The Chairman of the "Zionist Union" party Avi Gabbay spoke to students at Ben-Gurion University in Be'er Sheva and said he would be No. 2 on the list after Yair Lapid if polls prove that Lapid is garnering more seats.

"I will do everything to be number one," Gabbay said, but noted that "if they do not choose me, I am willing to be number two in order for there to be change."

At a conference of Labor Party youth at the university, Gabai referred to his policy statements, saying "I didn't turn right or left, that's simply not true. I said that we would not sit with the Arab Joint List long ago, and that I would not evacuate settlement blocs."

Gabbay also said that "the Left forgot what it is to be Jews." Prime Minister Netanyahu made a similar statement to Rabbi Yitzhak Kadouri ztz"l in 1997. "We are Jews and we need to talk about our Jewish values."

"I tell you, on my honor, Jewish values are the basis of all the generations that arose.Where did it all begin?It all began with our Torah and our laws and our basics.It all starts there," Gabai added.