Former White House chief strategist and chief of Breitbart News Steve Bannon lauded President Donald Trump’s pro-Israel credentials, calling him the staunchest supporter of Israel in the White House since Ronald Reagan.

Speaking at the Zionist Organization of America’s annual gala in New York City, Bannon highlighted President Trump’s commitment to confronting Islamic terrorism, his decision to decertify the Iranian nuclear deal, and his pledge to relocate the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

"In refining the message that... candidate Trump talked about, we said 'Destroy the physical Caliphate of ISIS, designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, decertify the Iran deal, and move the embassy to Jerusalem.’

"We were down at that time about 16 points. We were losing in every significant battleground state by double digits. So on the evening of the 8th [of November 2016, election night], for one short moment, Jared [Kushner] and I looked at each other and said we thought we had this. To a 100% degree of metaphysical certitude we thought we had it. The mainstream media got those exit polls... and were high-fiving, dancing around the news rooms. They were looking at the biggest landslide in American political history.

"At 9:15, the Detroit Free Press called the State of Michigan for Hillary Clinton. At 10:56, the Associated Press called the State of Ohio for Donald J. Trump. At 10:50, they called the State of Florida for Donald J. Trump. At 11:11, they called the State of North Carolina for Donald J. Trump. At 12:02 a.m. on the 9th they called the state of Iowa for Donald J. Trump. And at 12:15 at night... the Detroit Free Press put the State of Michigan back in the neutral column.

"It was at that moment that we knew that, with our data, that Donald J. Trump, the strongest supporter of Israel since Ronald Reagan, was going to be the president of the United States."

Bannon argued that were it not for the support of a prominently American Jewish billionaire and Republican donor, Sheldon Adelson, Donald Trump would not have succeeded in his presidential bid.

"That victory would not have come without one other person besides Donald Trump - Sheldon Adelson. It is not about resources. It is about counsel, guidance, and wisdom. You've gotta remember, folks, that we were down by double digits almost the entire time."

"And you know what most of the establishment Republicans do when things get tough - they cut and they run. Sheldon Adelson didn't cut and run. Sheldon Adelson had Donald Trump's back. Sheldon Adelson offered guidance and counsel and wisdom on how to get through it. He was there for Donald Trump about how to comport oneself and how to dig down deep. And it was his guidance and his wisdom that helped to get us through."