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Ronen Plot Hezki Baruch

A recent article by Jenny Raz published on Arutz Sheva in which she described the sexual harassment she experienced in Nazareth Illit (Upper Nazareth) at the hands of local Arabs caught the attention of local officials, and apparently is already having results. Following publication of Raz's piece, Nazareth Illit Mayor Ronen Plot has instructed city inspectors to actively combat sexual harassment and to issue significant fines against those caught harassing women.

"The municipal policing system has been working hard and with zero tolerance for punks who come to Upper Nazareth from the nearby communities. Just last night, we recorded fines totaling about NIS 24,000 (each fine is between NIS 500 and NIS 730)," Plot wrote on Facebook.

"I have one daughter and every time I hear about girls who suffer from harassment and sexual harassment, I think about her. I ask myself whether I am acting like a father, doing my utmost to fight the phenomenon," he wrote.

"My hand is not off the pulse in the public sphere, which is under my responsibility," he said. "As far as I'm concerned, as someone who holds the defense portfolio, every car honk at a woman walking in the street, every call, every insulting gesture, even the hint [of such an action], is an attack on my daughter and causes injury to my heart.

"Therefore, I have made combating [harassment] my number one goal," Plut declared. "And I have instructed the local police not to hesitate to record reports and to impose heavy fines on every harassing punk. Honk at a girl? You will be fined. Whistle? You'll pay for a public disturbance. Make an offensive [gesture]? Straight to the police station."

Jenny Raz (Jenny Raz)
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