Ambulance ((file)
Ambulance ((file)Flash 90

One person was killed and six more injured in a traffic accident in southern Israel Thursday night.

The accident occurred on Route 40, near the town of Mitzpeh Ramon. The accident involved a head-on collision between two vehicles.

Authorities say one person, a man roughly 30 years of age, was killed in the crash. In addition six people were injured, including three small children.

The injured include a 30-year-old man who has been listed in serious condition, a 38-year-old woman listed in moderate condition, three children ranging in age from four to eight years old who have all been listed in moderate condition, and man roughly 40 years old who suffered light injuries.

A number of MDA emergency first responder units were dispatched to the scene of the accident and provided first aid to the crash victims.

In addition, an MDA helicopter has been dispatched to aid in the evacuation of the injured.

Police officers at the scene have closed the road to traffic.