First to arrive and last to leave: ZAKA volunteers at scene of Har Nof massacre
First to arrive and last to leave: ZAKA volunteers at scene of Har Nof massacreZAKA

We used to feel safe.

We used to think that Har Nof was just another frum community in Yerushalayim.

But three years ago, everything that we thought was normal was shattered.

Terrorists stormed into our synagogue, our Mikdash Me’at, brutally slaughtering the bodies and stealing the Neshamos of Tzadikim wrapped in Talis and Tefilin.

Mamesh a pogrom...

From Shock to Strength

The sounds of the sirens... gunshots... screeching ambulances toppled our sense of security. The pure Yesomim - so many Yesomim! - crying through Kaddish, tore our hearts. The tremendous outpouring of love during the Shiva revealed the depth of our community's Achdus. Tragedy sparked a spiritual awakening in us.

But the Heart Must not Forget!

“This can't just pass.”

We need to do something!

The indescribable pain needed to be channeled into an enduring memorial.

On the very same day of the slaughter it was decided: They ambushed with the hands of Eisav. We can only answer their challenge with the booming voice of Yaakov Avinu. HaKol Kol Yaakov!

We must bring the community together inside the walls of this Beis Medrash. We must fill every single bench with Lomdei Torah, Avreichim, Balebatim… everyone. Everyone raising the banner of Torah. Everyone coming together to strive for something bigger than themselves in the memory of a world shaking tragedy.

Kollel Ateres Kedoshim was born.

The Time to Unite is NOW!

With the wounds still so fresh, it's hard to believe that the third Yahrtzeit of the Kedoshim is right around the corner.

So we must make a Cheshbon HaNefesh:

Does the murder of Talmidei Chachomim still shake me? Can I still shed a tear for the Almanos and Yesomim? The answer has never been clearer.

Ateres Kedoshim NEEDS Your Support

We must support this cause. Not just with our hearts and Tefilos, but also with our wallets. The Gedolim have unanimously backed the Kollel Ateres Kedoshim to be an ultimate Zechus and a fitting Zeicher to their holy Neshamos. Everyone who donates, opens up not only the Shaarei Shamayim, but will be protected in this world as well.

Click this link to watch the incredible video and donate!