Hananel Dorani
Hananel DoraniMiri Tzachi

Newly appointed Judea and Samaria (YESHA) Council Head Hananel Dorani explained in a letter his views and goals.

Dorani was appointed YESHA Council Head last Thursday, after the only other candidate dropped out. Prior to his appointement, he served as mayor of the Samarian community of Kedumim.

In his letter, Dorani writes that Israel's right to its land is first of all based on the Bible and history.

"Only historical recognition brought about the Balfour Declaration one hundred years ago...which anchored Israel's historical right to exist in the infrastructure of international law," he wrote.

"Unfortunately, over the years this recognition has eroded. One of the reasons for this erosion is fear and the vested interests of various parties, but another reason is violence and incitement on the part of the Arabs."

Regarding his political views, Dorani states that "we, as residents of Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley, know that our chance for peace will not come via concessions and the creation of a terror state, G-d forbid, in Judea and Samaria. There is no room in Israel for two opposing national movements, and it is a shame to err with the misconception that another round of negotiations will bring peace."

"We have merited to create many Jewish towns, and we have accomplished an impressive amount. Today, half a million Jews live in Judea and Samaria, and the two-state solution (which many people still insist on seeing as what today's Zionists aspire to) is farther away than ever before.

"As a public representative, I will work determinedly and wisely together with my associates in order to ensure that the Israeli government and its leaders will implement the Zionist and nationalist policies they were voted into office to implement."