Jacob Weinroth
Jacob Weinroth Yossi Zeliger/FLASH90

Attorney Jacob Weinrot, who serves as Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's lawyer and confidante, spoke to Channel 2 about Netanyahu's outlook.

The full interview will be aired on Channel 2 Thursday night.

"Netanyahu is an honest person," Weinroth said in the interview. "If you ask him for a list of his successes and his failures, your jaw will drop. That said, he very much admires money. I know his weakness for wealthy people."

Regarding Netanyahu's famous love of cigars, Weinrotk said, "If you ask him how much bread or chewing gum costs, he might widely miss the mark. He's not a person who knows prices. He spent enormous amounts of money on cigars over the course of many years, and his family got very angry at him - both because he was smoking, and because of the cost."

Weinrot also said he believes Sara Netanyahu's entire investigation could have been avoided.

Sara Netanyahu was indicted in September for fraudulent acquisition, fraud, and breach of public trust, and charged with using 360,000 shekels ($102,474) of government money for trays of prepared food. However, the Netanyahu family said that the steep increase in meal expenses at the Prime Minister's Residence "was caused by offenses committed by the problematic house manager Manny Naftali, a state witness and a serial liar."

"The average monthly expenditure on meals during the period in which Naftali served as house manager is five times higher than the monthly average in the four years which followed, when Naftali did not work there," they noted. "That says it all."

"You can't get rich from food," said Weinrot, who represented Sara Netanyahu. "What would she do with thousands of meals? There wasn't even a business deal. The entire situation could have been avoided if they had sat with the accountant and said, 'What are we talking about? ,Take a checik and leave us alone,' and it would have been done with.'"

However, Weinrot also said Sara Netanyahu would "absolutely not" have agreed to simply hand over a check.