soldiers in the field (illustrative)
soldiers in the field (illustrative) Flash 90

An IDF officer in the elite Maglan unit was dismissed from his position recently, it has been allowed to publicize, after he allowed his soldiers to light a fire during the Yom Kippur fast and cook in a poyke pot (a round, iron pot used for cooking outdoors), Israel Hayom reported.

Yom Kippur is the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. While soldiers are not obligated to fast on Yom Kippur according to IDF protocol, they are asked to show respect for the day and food is not served or cooked on base.

A majority of Israelis fast on Yom Kippur and businesses, foodstores and restaurants are closed. There is no public transportation while the entire country comes to a standstill on Judaism's yearly day of repentance.

The officer, who was transferred to a different position within the IDF, was serving as a commander of soldiers in basic training.

According to the report, the incident occurred when several non-observant soldiers approached the officer, telling him they did not intend to observe the Yom Kippur fast, and asked him to allow them to cook in a poyke pot during the fast. The officer gave them permission to do so.

The IDF spokesperson said in response: “After a clarification of the incident, it was found that the commander did not adhere to army regulations, therefore disciplinary action was taken against him. The incident was investigated and lessons were learned.”

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