The Israeli-American Council (IAC) sees Israelis as brothers and sister and will accept Israel unconditionally, IAC National Chairman Adam Milstein said.

The IAC consists of two different organizations. The first organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, focusing on education, culture, and other things. The second organization is a 501(c)4 political body, an American coalition for action. It is active in passing anti-BDS legislation, forcing states to implement their legislation, and supporting the Anti-Israel Boycott Act, which "boycotts the boycotters."

Speaking with Arutz Sheva, Milstein said the IAC conference "feels phenomenal" and "gets better every year."

"It's not just the amount of people but the energy, the accomplishment, the sense of family, love, warmth, dancing," he said. "We have so many people here from the Jewish community - Americans, not Israeli-Americans or Israelis. And they say, 'This is our home, this is what we were waiting for, this is where we feel at home, [where] we feel with family.'"

"The game changer was when we recognized that we are Americans of Israeli descent and we changed our identity to Israeli Americans. Obviously we have invited the American people, the Jewish American people, to join us. We've planned many many programs in English so people can participate in our youth programs in schools, universities....and we've basically....expanded to be an American organization in which English is being used as much as Hebrew."

What differentiates IAC from other organizations, Milstein said, is its willingness to accept Israel unconditionally, despite recognizing that Israel isn't perfect.

"We have Israel in our heart," Milstein explained. "Israeli-ness is our character, and I think one thing that differentiates us from several other organizations is that we accept Israel without preconditions. We know that Israel is not the perfect country, we know that it has a lot of challenges and issues between the people inside, from outside - from any side that you go there are challenges. But the people of Israel live in a democratic society. They are very well educated. They choose their own leader, they have the right for their own government, and we trust the judgement and determination of the people of Israel."

"There are many issues that people here in America have an issue with, but they need to speak about it as if they are speaking [with]in the family. We have no right to tell Israel what to do, but the people in Israel are brothers and sisters, they are family. Within the family its very advised to express your feeling, express your opinion, but never, not in our organization, we will never go away from Israel. We will never say, 'If Israel doesn't do A or B, we will do C or D. Our love dedication and support for Israel is unconditional, period."