Pisgat Zeev (in foreground)
Pisgat Zeev (in foreground) Flash 90

A prosecutor’s statement was submitted today against an Arab from the neighborhood of Shuafat in north-eastern Jerusalem, after his implication in dozens of vandalism offenses at a number of Jerusalem construction projects.

Initially, a complaint was filed with police over vandalism in dozens of apartments, spanning a number of adjacent buildings in advanced stages of construction, in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Zeev. The vandalism included damage to sanitation and electrical appliances amounting to tens of thousands of shekels.

After identifying the 32-year-old suspect from Shuafat, police searched his house, where they found, among other items, Hamas flags.

Later, while being investigated, the suspect admitted that, for some time, he had planned to “harm Jews and cause them damage.”

It was also discovered that the suspect had intended to carry out an attack against security forces.

He asserted that his motives stemmed from his personal and familial situation: Two of his brothers are serving prison sentences for disturbing public order.