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Nearly 100 children were evacuated from their preschool in central Israel Sunday, after Arab construction workers at a nearby building site began hurling rocks into the school through a window.

The incident took place in a preschool in the city of Givatayim east of Tel Aviv Sunday morning, when most of the preschool’s 90 three-year-olds and four-year-olds were inside the building, either in music class or in the activities room.

When one of the preschool staff members walked into the kitchen, Arab workers from a nearby construction site began hurling rocks through the preschool’s kitchen window.

“Two workers began throwing stones into the preschool through an open window,” one of the staff members wrote to parents.

The staff member shouted at the Arab workers to halt their attack, but to no avail. The children were evacuated from the premises and taken to another nearby school. No injuries were reported in the attack.

“Adi evacuated the children to a nearby school. No one was hurt, and everyone is fine and there’s nothing to worry about.”

A mother of one child at the school told Kikar Hashabat that the Arab workers also made vulgar gestures towards staff members.

“This morning, two workers threw stones at the preschool teachers and made vulgar gestures towards them. The staff behaved properly, but when I went to pick up my son, there were police units there [at the entrance].”

Police officers were summoned to the scene of the attack shortly after the stone-throwing began. Officers arrested two workers from a nearby construction site. After questioning, the workers were released on bail and with a restraining order barring them from returning to Givatayim.