Sheldon and Dr. Miriam Adelson on Sunday addressed the Israeli American Council (IAC) National Conference in Washington, DC, discussing the strength of the IAC.

“There are times when Israel has to be represented at the United States and there are times when we cannot have equivocation, that we need a group of people to advocate for Israel unequivocally, and I felt that if there was an organization called the Israeli-American Council, that council and that organization would unequivocally, always and without question and irreversibly support Israel when it needed it,” said Sheldon Adelson.

The IAC in Adelson's vision has no partisanship, is made up of both Democrats and Republicans, “but the most important thing we're going to remember is the home of the Jewish people. Not only the Jews in Israel but worldwide.”

“When I look out at the audience here and I see such a big audience,” he continued, “it reminds me of the days when AIPAC started to grow, and it grew from less than 2,500 people – smaller than what we are today – into 17,000 people who come to the AIPAC national conference. But this group, the IAC, won't even question whether or not we should support Israel. It's not only in my heart, it's in all of your hearts.”