Lev Haolam head Nati Rom
Lev Haolam head Nati Rom Arutz Sheva

The Lev HaOlam Organization supporting businesses throughout Judea and Samaria recently sent a letter to incoming UN Secretary General António Guterres demanding he dismiss UN Human Rights Commissioner Zeid bin Raad al-Hussein for his recent actions.

The letter was sent after al-Hussein reached out in a letter to companies and large businesses with operations in Judea and Samaria. In his letter, al-Hussein warned the companies that they would be added to a ‘blacklist’ since they are operating in ‘occupied territories’ and are therefore subject to boycotts from organizations and countries throughout the world.

Attorney Nati Rom from Lev HaOlam responded to al-Hussein's threats by sending his own letter to the incoming UN Secretary General demanding that he dismiss al-Hussein.

In the text of his letter, Rom described the fact that al-Hussein has made numerous unacceptable statements including his “deplorable comparison between the situation of Arabs in Judea and Samaria with that of Jews in the Holocaust and his refusal to recognize the murder of Jews in Tel Aviv by Arabs as terrorism.”

Further, Rom wrote, “If the current UN Human Rights Commissioner continues in his role, the Human Rights Commission will lose legitimacy in Israel and abroad. This has already been seen in the condemnations by the USA and other countries of the commission. Therefore, we call for the dismissal of al-Hussein from his role and for the immediate reversal of his actions.”

At the end of his letter Rom suggested that the UN spend its resources on the many wrongs occurring throughout the world rather than wasting its efforts on attempts to discredit Israel’s level of morality. Others in the Lev HaOlam Organization reported that they expect the commissioner to take heed of the message and that they expect an immediate reversal of the ‘blacklist’ that al-Hussein has prepared.

Attorney Rom said: “Unfortunately we once again are witnesses to the hypocritical actions of the UN Human Rights Commissioner. Instead of focusing on the goals of the organization and working to prevent atrocities throughout the world, like those in Africa, China, and parts of the Arab world, he chooses to attack the only democracy in the Middle East. This comes from anti-Semitic and tainted motivations which are further evidenced by his comparisons between Jews in the Holocaust and the Palestinians. Instead of fighting against terror and Islamic radicalism he chooses to fight against Israel. A 'black flag' flies over the decision to place companies on a ‘blacklist’ and we in Lev HaOlam will continue to focus on ‘white lists’ of light and love against the darkness and hypocrisy.”