Logan Melgar
Logan MelgarUS Army

The US military is investigating the possible involvement of two SEAL Team 6 commandos in the strangulation of an Army Green Beret in Mali, The New York Times reported.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating the death of 34-year-old Staff Sgt. Logan J. Melgar. Melgar, a Green Beret soldier and Special Forces Engineer Sergeant, was killed at approximately 5:00a.m. on June 4 at the Bamako, Mali, embassy housing he shared with several other special operations forces working on counter-terrorism and training missions in West Africa, the site reported.

According to a military medical examiner, Melgar's death was the result of "homicide by asphyxiation."

Within 24 hours of Melgar's death, his superiors in Germany sent an investigator to the scene. The US Army's Criminal Investigation Command worked on the case for several months before handing it to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service in September.

Initial investigations claimed Melgar was injured while wrestling two Navy commandos. One of them held Melgar in a chokehold, and tried to save him when he passed out. They later rushed him to an emergency clinic, where Melgar was declared dead.

Melgar will be buried in Virginia on November 20.