On Monday, The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) posted two videos depicting thousands of Iranian protesters standing directly in front of the Iranian Parliament, also known as the Majlis, chanting "Death to the dictator".

The video’s description said “people who have lost their properties and investments due to [Iranian] government-run confiscation of their wealth clash with State Security Forces.”

The male and female Iranian protesters who were accosted and brutally assaulted by the police shouted slogans against the regime, such as:

“Shame, shame on the police force!”

“Death to the dictator.”

“Death to the demagogue.”

"Death to ISIS-like police"

and "I will kill, I will kill, whoever killed my brother."

For Americans and Israelis this is a welcome contrast to the usual, “Death to America, Death to Israel” chants orchestrated by the Iranian “religious” dictatorship currently ruling Iran.

A few days before the protest, former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich praised the NCRI, saying "The National Council of Resistance of Iran has a tremendous potential, and [NCRI President-elect] Mrs. [Maryam] Rajavi has done an amazing job of leading an organization through a very long, very difficult period. And I would hope that at some point in the near future that she would be given an invitation to officially visit the United States, and have a chance both to meet with American leaders in Washington, but also to go around the country."

Speaker Gingrich also voiced clear support of the Trump Administration’s new Iran policy of challenging Iran’s hegemonic terroristic policies when he stated that in the long run "it is not just in the interest of the United States" to find better ways to tackle the nuclear issue but "to find a way to replace the dictatorship."

In June 2009, spontaneous mass protests erupted in Iran supporting defeated presidential candidate, Mir Hossein Mousavi after claims of rigged results. Over half a million went out to the streets and were brutally supressed by the government. Protestors called on the US for help, but Obama ignored their pleas to help overthrow the Ayatollahs.

Under President Trump, it appears the Iranian people are no longer afraid of the Isis-like Shiite mullahs in Tehran.