Three Arabs from the village of Turan in northern Israel turned themselves in to police on Saturday night, after they were filmed vandalizing an Egged bus near the Golani Junction in northern Israel last Wednesday.

Police said in a statement, “Near midnight, following activity by Israel Police, 3 suspects who blocked the path of an Egged bus last Wednesday on Route 77 and damaged it, turned themselves in at the police station.”

Police said that the bus “had been blocked by a commercial vehicle from which 3 persons emerged who vandalized the bus with various objects that they threw at it, and by means of a metal rod.”

Police also said that “The background to the incident is being checked. When a complaint was received, action was taken to identify and locate the suspects, and yesterday, close to midnight, three suspects (ages 22, 18, 44) turned themselves in to police.”

The suspects are to be brought this morning to the Nazareth Magistrate Court for a hearing to request an extension of their arrests.

The incident follows a similar one a week earlier, when a 24-year-old Arab driver was filmed smashing the windshield of a bus with a metal rod near the entrance to the village of Kfar Qasim in central Israel, in what police said was the result of an “argument [...] regarding the right of way.”