Netanyahu and Edelstein
Netanyahu and Edelstein Flash 90

The Knesset is marking the 16th anniversary of the assassination of Minister Rechavam 'Gandhi' Ze'evi.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at the memorial, "Gandhi was not given the right to defend his name. There is a clear attempt to blur or erase Gandhi's memory and legacy, and this can not happen."

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said, "The wicked murderers didn't just happen to be on the eighth floor of the Hyatt Hotel.They regarded Rehavam Ze'evi as a symbol of all they hate: a Jew, an Israeli, a patriot, a fearless fighter, the salt of the earth.

"Gandhi was a victim of Jew-hatred and hatred of Israel, of terror that seeks to terrorize the Jewish public in Israel and throughout the world, a terror that does not distinguish between man and woman and between a boy and an old man, and they saw in him - in Gandhi - a special target. We bow our heads today to the memory of a man who devoted his entire life to the defense of the homeland," added Edelstein.

"Gandhi was one of the boldest commanders in the history of the IDF.He began his career with the Palmach and served as advisor to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin for intelligence and communications, the GOC Central Command and the head of the Operations Branch, and to Gandhi's name are credited dozens of chases against infiltrators in the Jordan Valley.Gandhi is among an elite group of people who grew hand-in-hand with the State of Israel, who paved its way with their spirit and in their work."

Edelstein added that "parts of his legacy are still controversial - but other parts have penetrated the heart of the consensus: We do not leave wounded soldiers on the battlefield, we do not abandon a soldier who was taken prisoner, and we all remember how everywhere he went, around his neck he displayed the dog-tag with the names of Israel's POW's, and promised that he wouldn't remove it until the last of the POWs and MIAs were released. He did not merit to see it, but that was his legacy, which he left to us to complete.

"Unfortunately, since the murder, more names have been added to the list of prisoners, some of whom have already been able to return home, others are waiting for us to do so," said Edelstein. "In accordance with Gandhi's spirit - the spirit of uncompromising loyalty, total commitment, and dedication to the task - we will act to fulfill this mission."