Rehavam Ze'evi
Rehavam Ze'evi Flash90

MK Michal Rozin (Meretz) will propose a bill to repeal the law to commemorate Rechavam Ze'evi (Gandhi).

The proposal supplements Meretz's decision to boycott today's meeting in the Knesset plenum in memory of Ze'evi HYD, the Tourism Minister, IDF hero and head of the Moledet party, murdered by Arabs who ambushed him as he left his hotel room.

Ze'evi publicized a plan for transferring the Arabs of Judea and Samaria who do not hold Israeli citizenship to other countries, arousing vehement condemnation from the left. The left has its own version of Ze'evi's life, villifying him due to the claims of harrassment heard from women who did not complain until years after his murder.

"The Knesset must denounce and condemn the disgraceful and criminal Gandhi legacy, and thus convey a sharp, clear, and principled message to the Israeli public," MK Rozin said. "Tomorrow, I will submit a bill to repeal the commemoration law, so that the public stops spending millions of shekels for this distortion," MK Rozin said.

MK Michal Rozin
MK Michal Rozin Flash 90

"There's no doubt that waving the commemoration banner symbolizes the government's lack of shame,. It prefers distorting history and glorifying a person whose actions contradict the basic values of a civilized society, and whose legacy reflects dubious connections with the underworld, undermining the IDF's values, racism against Arabs, and an ideology of transfer.A fact-finding inquiry revealed revenge campaigns to 'settle accounts' and, above all, blatant harm to women," claimed the MK.

Gandhi's daughter, Masada Ze'evi, responded yesterday to the Left's contempt for her father and his heritage.In an interview with Yediot Ahronot, Masada said, "I feel pain for every girl who's been hurt and has a scar, but some women abuse the right to speak up..Absolutely.How can I argue with a woman hiding behind a curtain in an Uvda Show TV investigation?Why has she waited so long?

"By what right do they judge my father after his death?In my opinion, it's really unfair to make claims against a person after he can no longer have his say, and not only on this subject.In any field.If you have any claims, confront the man with them while he's still alive."

On the protest of the Tel Aviv school principals who ignored her father's memorial day, Masada Ze'evi said, "In my eyes, this is hypocrisy.On the one hand, the school principals in Tel Aviv don't want to commemorate my father, and on the other hand they take their students to the Land of Israel Museum, of which my father was the sole founder.Moreover, school principals are betraying their educational role."

The same principals impose their political positions on their students, she claimed."If I were a school principal, and if I received instruction from the Education Ministry to commemorate a certain person, and I had an objection, I wouldn't dare impose my political thoughts on the students. You can't do that."