The student newspaper at the University of California at Berkeley has come under fire for an cartoon it published last week, one that critics say draws from anti-Semitic motifs used by Nazi-era propaganda.

The cartoon was published by The Daily Californian earlier this month, just days before jurist and former Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz spoke on campus in a lecture titled “The Liberal Case for Israel”.

Dershowitz had previously threatened to sue the school for effectively barring him and other pro-Israel speakers by requiring an eight-week-notice for “high visibility” individuals – a requirement Dershowitz claimed was imposed selectively against people holding certain viewpoints.

"If you are high visibility, you have to give eight weeks [notice before being allowed to speak]," Dershowitz told Fox News. "But if a department at the university invites anti-Israel speakers, they don't have to go through an eight-week waiting period."

In response to Dershowitz’s plans to speak on campus, The Daily Californian published an editorial cartoon portraying Dershowitz as a bulbous, parasite-like creature hiding behind a board bearing the title of his lecture.

Behind the positive image of Israel presented on the board, Dershowitz can be seen crushing an Arab waving a Palestine Liberation Organization flag, and holding up an IDF soldier and slain Arab civilian dripping with blood.

Dershowitz noted a day after his lecture that a flyer posted in the UC Berkeley Law School bearing his image had been defaced with a swastika.