Rabbi Goldschmidt holding new book
Rabbi Goldschmidt holding new bookצילום: סטודיו 'וולפוני', בריסל

The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, hosted the President of the Conference of Rabbis of Europe, Rabbi Pinhas Goldschmidt, on the occasion of the publication of a new book he wrote. The event was held at the Library of Parliament.

"The strengthening of the Jewish people's identity is more important than ever in light of developments on the European continent, and it contributes greatly to dialogue between religions and peoples that will enable observance of religious precepts without interference and uncompromising war on extremism and anti-Semitism," he said.

"The Jewish community and Jewish history are an important part of European history, and in these difficult times, it is important to strengthen identity with the proper and required level of information, as Rabbi Goldschmidt did, and without it, it will be more difficult to open various doors."

Rabbi Goldschmidt's book, The Community and the World, is a collection of essays on Jewish identity and faith and the importance of Jewish religious observance and the range of topics being discussed in Europe that have been published in the largest media outlets in Europe and the United States.The book also includes speeches delivered by the rabbi in a variety of international events. The work was first presented at the Conference of European Rabbis, held two months ago in Amsterdam, where Tajani met him and asked to hold a ceremony in the official library of the European Parliament.

Rabbi Goldschmidt said that "in these days, which cause one to lose sleep not only in Europe but throughout the world, it is very important for me and the Jewish community to present my books to the European Parliament.All of us, both the Jewish community and the leaders of the European Union, bear collective responsibility for the war on extremism and the level of tolerance and mutual respect in the European community.

"I hope that my book will be a positive addition to our dialogue, despite all the difficulties we encounter in some European countries - when they understand more about Jewish identity, the critical importance for us of the religious commandments and the religious rights of the Jewish people. I am sure that together we are strong enough to give impetus to serious and important decisions for peace and agreement among the public, and together to repulse the attacks on the Jewish community, which stem from ignorance, among other things," Rabbi Goldschmidt noted.

The First Vice President of the European Parliament, Franz Timmermans, added that "there have been rare periods in the history of Europe where the Jewish community could live without threats, to practice their religion and learn what they wanted, and many times Jewish communities suffered persecution, expulsions, and pogroms.Great people such as Rashi enriched the world and contributed their share in the development of Europe on all levels."

Timmermans noted that he is very concerned."Not only for Jews but for all of Europe, because more and more Jews no longer feel safe in Europe and are considering leaving."

The event was attended by senior EU officials and the European Rabbis' Conference, including a Belgian rabbi and the conference's representative in the European Union, Rabbi Avraham Gigi.