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Egypt's parliament on Sunday approved a presidential decree declaring a three-month nationwide state of emergency, Ahram Online reports.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi issued the presidential decree on October 22, one day after a previous three-month state of emergency expired.

The state of emergency was first declared by Sisi last April following two deadly bombings on Coptic churches. In July, it was extended by three months.

The state of emergency gives authorities greater powers to crack down on what is described as “enemies of the state”.

Prime Minister Sherif Ismail vowed before parliament on Sunday that the government would not resort to exceptional measures unless required to confront terrorism, and that emergency law would not be used to curtail the rights of citizens or their public freedoms.

"The declaration of the state of emergency at the time being is a necessary procedure, just like the case in established democratic countries that viewed the state of emergency as a necessity to preserve their stability and security," Ismail stated before the plenary session.

Sunday's extension of the state of emergency came two days after a deadly shootout between security forces and terrorists in the Giza province.

52 Egyptian security personnel were killed in Friday's incident, which occurred as security forces raided a hideout which reportedly belonged to suspected members of Hasm, a group which has claimed several attacks around the capital targeting judges and policemen since last year.

Egypt accuses Hasm of being a wing of the banned Muslim Brotherhood organization which was outlawed in 2013. The Muslim Brotherhood denies this.