Children of Netiv Ha'avot protest planned demolition
Children of Netiv Ha'avot protest planned demolitionYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Politicians from the right on Sunday night blasted the Supreme Court's ruling that homes in the Netiv Ha'avot neighborhood of Gush Etzion be completely demolished by March of 2018. The ruling rejected residents' request that parts of their homes be sawed off instead of being completely demolished.

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) said, "[Supreme Court President] Justice Naor continues her path and harms families who wish to remain in their homes, even if only in a part of the home. The judge does this on the pretext of procedural arguments and without substance. Anyone who has lost compassion in his rulings really deserves to retire.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) said, "The ruling on Netiv Ha'avot harms natural justice, and we must find a solution that will leave the neighborhood intact."

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin (Likud) slammed the Supreme Court, saying, "The Supreme Court justices prove time after time that the reservoir of their leftist rulings has no limit. The judges continue to rule selectively, and choose to be cruel to innocent residents who did not ask the State for anything other than permission to saw their homes to suit the demands of the judges themselves.”

"I am again calling for the adoption of the law to advance the retirement age of the judges, thus allowing a broad refreshment of the composition of the Supreme Court," added the Tourism Minister.

Deputy Defense Minister Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan (Jewish Home) said, "Once again the Supreme Court has shown us that justice is not its guiding principle. Even the Supreme Court knows that no one will benefit from the destruction of homes in Netiv Ha'avot."

MKs Yoav Kisch (Likud) and Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home), who head the Knesset Lobby for Eretz Israel, vowed that "the Knesset will not be able to stand idly by in the face of the impervious insensitivity and injustice of the Supreme Court ruling. What the judges did wrong in their ruling, the legislators will fix using legislation."

MK Motti Yogev (Jewish Home) sharply criticized the Court and said, "The Supreme Court, which examines every meter in the demolition of the homes of terrorist murderers, and does not allow the demolition of the homes of the murderers but merely seals them, while it decides to demolish Jewish homes in Netiv Ha'avot without any consideration, is a Supreme Court which unilaterally favors the enemy.”

"I am calling on the Minister of Justice to enact the amendment I proposed to the Basic Law on Judiciary and to restore the State to its foundations as a Jewish and democratic state," he added.