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The United Nations has supported and endorsed dozens of organizations which are anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, and promote terrorism, according to a new report.

According to the report by Human Rights Voices, a UN watchdog organization, the UN has granted formal accreditation to hate groups which use the legitimacy the UN gives them to spread anti-Semitic propaganda against the Jewish people and the Jewish State.

The report states: "Accredited non-governmental organizations have been allowed to flaunt the core of the UN mission by advocating terror and intolerance. At the same time, they have been permitted to draw closer to the world of international diplomacy and gain access to the international media platforms associated with it."

It continues: "Most striking for an organization founded on the ashes of the Holocaust, the UN enables its accredited NGOs to play a central role in promoting modern anti-Semitism. Although the preamble of the UN Charter promises the equal rights of nations large and small, UN-accredited NGOs foster the destruction of the UN member state of Israel."

The report details numerous examples of anti-Semitism from UN-accredited NGOs, including explicit support for the Hamas terrorist organization and terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens, comparisons between Israel, the Jewish people, and the Nazis, denial of Israel's right to exist, and claims that the Talmud is "racist," among many others.

Anne Bayefsky, senior editor of Human Rights Voices, told the Washington Free Beacon that many of these UN-accredited NGOs act in violation of the UN's own bylaws.

"The United Nations was founded as a global pact among states, but over the decades—in the name of transparency and openness, and in order to further the aim of globalization—the U.N. has opened its doors to non-governmental organizations," Bayefsky said. "More than 6,200 NGOs [non-governmental organizations] have been invited to participate on a year-round basis in U.N. activities, and have thus been handed a coveted global megaphone."

"An examination of these NGOs, however, reveals that both by design and gross negligence on the part of U.N. member states, the NGOs' ranks include bigots, anti-Semites, and terrorist advocates who are now spreading hatred and inciting violence from the world stage," she added.

The report noted that western countries, in particular the US, "control the purse" of the UN, and could use their influence to counter the UN's support for anti-Semitic and pro-terror groups.

Congress is already moving to deny funding to the UN as long as it supports anti-Semitic groups. The US withdrew from UNESCO last week over the organization's anti-Israel bias. And a new piece of proposed legislation, the 'Countering Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel Activities at the United Nations Act of 2017,' would withhold US funding from the UN unless the president certifies that no UN agency grants accreditation to any NGO which promotes anti-Semitism.

Senator Marco Rubio, (R-Fl.) the author of the legislation, told the Beacon: "Far too often, the United Nations and related organizations are being used to discriminate against the Jewish state of Israel and promote anti-Semitism,"

"After the United States rightly withdrew from UNESCO in response to the vile anti-Israel agenda of its member states, the Trump administration and Congress should continue working together to promote accountability and ensure that Americans' tax dollars are not used to further hateful, anti-Semitic agendas." Rubio said.