Jerusalem councilman Aryeh King showed Arutz Sheva how important the Givat Hamatos neighborhood is to maintaining the Jewish hold on Jerusalem. "The place we are standing on right now is between a neighborhood called Har Homa - Homat Shmuel - to the east. Behind me; and in front of me, to the west, is a neighbourhood called Gilo. These are two major Jewish neighborhoods and this new neighborhood is right in the middle, the 'Plane Hill' (Givat Hamatos) neighborhood, should and will be with G-d's help the connection between these two Jewish neighborhoods.

"Just below us here we see an Arab neighborhood called Beit Tzafafa. Beit Tzafafa is inside Jerusalem, just inside the border of the Talpiyot industrial area, and in the south of it, it's very close to the city of Beit Lechem that is outside of Jerusalem.

"This neighborhood, that as I said G-d willing will be built in the next few years, will be blocking the connection between Beit Tzafafa in Jerusalem to Beit Lechem that is outside Jerusalem, south of Jerusalem."

He said that the Arabs living there "have already accepted that they are part of Israel."

"They don't dream -maybe in their nightmares - about the two-state solution. But they are not in favor of this solution. They want to stay part of Israel.

"The people who planned [this neighborhood did so] in order to stop and block the idea of dividing the city."

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