Rabbi Masri dances with community leaders at this week;s Simchat Beit Hashoava celebration
Rabbi Masri dances with community leaders at this week;s Simchat Beit Hashoava celebrationYitzhak Entebi, Shuva Yisrael Argentina

After two decades in which there was no functioning rabbi at the Shuva Yisrael congregation in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the community appointed a new rabbi, Rabbi Eliyahu Masri, over the Sukkot holiday.

Thousands of people participated in the inauguration event in Buenos Aires last Friday night, including leaders of the community and local rabbis including Rabbi Yitzchak Salomon, Rabbi Avraham Cohen Talgam and Rabbi Eliyahu Mita, who congratulated Rabbi Masri on his new role.

A letter from the former leader of the community, Rabbi Eliezer Ben David, was read out at the event. The letter was sent by Rabbi Avraham Entebbi, who is presently in Israel for a family event.

Rabbi Shlomo Levenstein, a lecturer and guest speaker at the event, said of the community's joy in being able to appoint a new rabbi to lead it for the next generation.

One after the other, the leaders of the community. including rabbinical leaders Rabbi Yitzchak Salomon, Rabbi Avraham Cohen Talgam, and Rabbi Eliyahu Mita, stood and congratulated Rabbi Eliyahu Masri on his coronation and emphasized the significance of the event.

Immediately afterwards, a letter was read by Rabbi Eliezer Ben David, the leader of the Shuva Yisrael congregation for a generation, sent on the occasion of the event by the president of the community, Rabbi Avraham Antebi, who is currently in Israel for a family celebration .

Rabbi Eliyahu Masri delivered his first sermon to the congregation, in which he spoke of the obligation to look back on the generation of the founders who so devoted themselves to the establishment and well-being of the community and to draw from their strength and follow their path.

Four hours following the event, the participants from the community passed through to congratulate Rabbi Masri on his election and his inauguration to be their new spiritual leader.