The Israel Police stopped a soccer game on the Temple Mount and confiscated the ball from the Arab youths who played with it, according to a video posted on Facebook.

The video shows the Arab youths playing ball on the Mount as a policeman approaches them. One of the youths appears to be about to refuse to hand over the ball, but ultimately acquiesces to the policeman's orders.

The policeman enforced a Supreme Court order forbidding the playing of soccer games on the Temple Mount. The order was issued after Temple Mount activist Yair Kehati and the Honenu legal organization submitted a complaint in which they argued that the soccer games desecrate the Mount, which is the holiest site in Judaism.

Yair Kehati said in response to the video: "We are happy that the Israel Police has begun to enforce the law on the Temple Mount against the Arabs as well [as the Jews]. We expect and hope that it will continue to enforce the rest of the state's laws on the Mount against the Arabs and allow the Jews to pray on the Mount the same way it does not prevent the Arabs [from praying]."

Attorney Shmuel Meidad, the founder of Honenu, said: "It is terrible to see our holy place violated and desecrated. We are pleased that the complaint we filed has sharpened the procedures and that there is a change in the blind eye policy of the police on the Holy Mount. However, we hope that this change will not end here, and that the great incitement, the humiliation of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount, and the policy of discrimination against Jews on the Mount will also be dealt with as soon as possible."