Credit cards
Credit cardsHadas Porush, Flash 90

Israel Police recently arrested an Israeli Arab from the central city of Ramle after he stole credit cards from several vehicles and used them to purchase various products.

According to the indictment, the suspect, 21-year-old Khalid Amariyya, stole credit cards from several vehicles at the Palmahim Beach, as well as one vehicle at the Ben Shemen Forest. He then used the cards for various purchases.

In one of the incidents, Amariyya broke the window of a parked car, broke into it, and stole three suitcases as well as two bags containing a large amount of property. He also stole two credit cards, using them to buy jewelry. Later attempts to use the cards again failed.

The jewelry and some of the stolen objects were found during a search of Amariyya's apartment and that of his female partner.

The indictment also states that during a separate incident at the Palmahim Beach, Amariyya smashed another car's windshield, then stole two bags containing a large amount of property, as well as four credit cards, which he used to buy thousands of shekels worth of products.

Another incident described tells of how Amariyya stole a wallet containing cash and credit cards from a vehicle parked in Ben Shemen Forest. The credit cards were used to purchase thousands of shekels worth of goods.

Israel Police arrested Amariyya on September 12, and submitted an indictment last week. The indictment charges Amariyya with breaking into a car with the intention of theft, theft from a vehicle, purposefully harming a vehicle, theft of credit cards, and fraudulently charging credit cards.

Israel Police calls on the public not to leave credit cards or valuables in a parked vehicle.

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