Solomon Gavrya
Solomon Gavrya Police Spokesperson

Anti-IDF left-wing radicals confronted one of the three security personnel who was murdered in the terror shooting this Tuesday in Har Adar, calling him “a disgrace” for his anti-terror activities just moments before the attack.

Sgt. Solomon Gavrya, a 22-year-old Border Police officer from Beer Yaakov in central Israel, was one of three security personnel murdered by a 37-year-old Palestinian Authority Arab in a terror shooting at the rear entrance to the town of Har Adar Tuesday morning.

The terrorist, a resident of nearby Beit Surik who had been issued an Israeli work permit, opened fire on the security personnel while attempting to enter Har Adar with a concealed firearm.

Just moments before the shooting, however, radical anti-IDF activists confronted Gavrya while he was helping to secure the entrance to Har Adar as Palestinian Authority laborers entered the town.

As security personnel checked workers entering the town for identification and work permits, Gavrya asked one of the activists to identify herself.

According to a report Thursday night by Channel 10, Gavrya’s fellow Border Police officers testified that two of the activists responded angrily to Gavrya’s request, shouting at him “You’re a disgrace”.

Just minutes later, Gavrya returned to his station at the gate, where the terrorist had aroused the suspicions of security personnel on the scene.

When asked to submit for a pat down check, the terrorist drew a stolen pistol and opened fire, killing Gavrya and security guards Youssef Ottman of Abu Ghosh and Or Arish of Har Adar. A fourth Israeli was seriously wounded in the attack.