MK Meshulam Nahari
MK Meshulam Nahari FLASH90

The Knesset swore in a returning MK for the Shas party Wednesday, 10 days after Yigal Guetta submitted his resignation from the Knesset.

Guetta left the Knesset after he came under criticism for publicizing his attendance at a gay wedding two years ago.

During an interview with Army Radio earlier this month, Guetta revealed that he and his family had attended a relative’s same-sex wedding two years ago.

"My [relative] told me, 'I'm getting married to another man'" Guetta recalled. I told my wife and children that we are all going to this wedding. I usually don't tell my children to come with me, but I told them that for this one, we are going. We all went, and we made them happy."

The revelation sparked a backlash among party leaders, prompting Guetta to announce his intention to resign from the Knesset just days after the interview.

Guetta’s immediate replacement, Danny Saida, was sworn into the Knesset last week, serving a total of 27 hours and 35 minutes, leaving the Knesset just before the start of the Rosh Hashanah holiday.

On Wednesday, Shas swore in yet another MK, long-time Shas MK and former Deputy Welfare Minister Meshulam Nahari.

Nahari, who served in the Knesset from 1999 to 2016, resigned after he was appointed as deputy minister – only to return to the Knesset this week following Saida’s resignation, which marks the shortest term for any MK in Israel’s history.

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