Netanyahu at a government meeting
Netanyahu at a government meeting Eliran Aharon

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed Tuesday's murderous terrorist attack in Har Adar that left a Border Policeman and two security guards dead.

"On behalf of the government and the entire nation, I send condolences to the families of those killed and wish a speedy recovery to the security coordinator who was wounded," Netanyahu said at a government meeting.

Netanyahu said that the home of the murderer will be demolished, in line with Israel's policy to destroy the homes of terrorists. "The IDF has already surrounded the village and we will nullify the work permits held by all of the terrorist's relatives," Netanyahu told ministers.

Netanyahu emphasized that the murderous attack was the result of systematic incitement by the Palestinian Authority (PA), saying that "I expect that [PA Chairman] Mahmoud Abbas will condemn the attack and not try to justify it. Our security forces will continue to act against incitement and terrorism."

The issue of Israel's policy granting work permits to Palestinian Arab laborers enabling them to enter pre-1967 is being scrutinized after the terrorist who killed three in Har Adar possessed such a permit, allowing him to enter the Israeli community where he was employed.

Multiple politicians vowed immediately after the attack to severely restrict the work permits, such as Coalition Chairman MK David Bitan (Likud), who said that "we need to reevaluate the policy of entry permits into Israel. The Palestinians are exploiting our goodwill to kill us."

Just two weeks prior to the attack, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked pushed Israeli business owners to hire more Palestinian Authority residents, stating that no terror attacks had been committed by PA Arabs carrying Israeli work permits.

“I strongly support increasing the number of work permits for Palestinians,” said Shaked adding that she was pushing Israeli restaurateurs hiring illegal immigrants to replace them with PA residents with Israeli work permits.

“I spoke with some restaurant owners who had come to me asking what they could do if all their [illegal immigrant] workers from Eritrea and Sudan would be deported. I told them ‘hire Palestinians – they’re people who want jobs and don’t carry out terror attacks.”

Netanyahu noted at an earlier meeting with Likud ministers on Tuesday that security forces were debating the issue. "We have to examine whether the attack on Har Adar is an unusual event that symbolizes a new pattern. If it does, we must prepare accordingly" he said.