A medic from United Hatzalah’s psychotrauma response unit spoke with Arutz Sheva about the confusion and emotional difficulties that ensued after this morning’s terror attack in Har Adar in which three Israelis were killed and a fourth wounded.

“I was at morning prayers when I got the call from United Hatzalah dispatch center regarding a terror attack at Har Adar. Initial information was quite sketchy.”

He explained that, as an EMT and a member of the psychotrauma response unit, “We’re used to operating in areas of risk and doubt, which is what the situation here was.”

“When I arrived, the family had still not heard information about the status of their child who was shot. One of the most difficult problems of these types of situations is the doubt and worry, and the fear and the guilt. These are feelings that are natural, and we try to normalize the feelings and help the people process them, so that they can move on to a healthier place despite the nature of the tragedy.”

“The psychotrauma response unit is there to give them the strength, the resiliency, to survive and thrive in the future - which will be bright.”