IDF rabbis inspecting lulavs
IDF rabbis inspecting lulavs IDF Spokesman

Yom Kippur still lies ahead, but the IDF Rabbinate is already completing Sukkot preparations.

Recently, sorting of 6,300 etrogs and lulavim (citrons and palm branches) to be used by IDF soldiers during Sukkot has been completed for the purpose of fulfilling the Biblical commandment of taking the Four Species.

"We receive a double amount of Etrogs and Lulavim, and from among them the best ones are chosen to allow the soldiers to celebrate the holiday in an optimal manner," says Rabbi Yishai Eitan, head of the halakha branch of the military rabbinate.

He added that "As is well known, one of the most famous interpretations of the Four Species is the correspondence of the four species to the different types of Jewish people, and the binding together of the Four Species, symbolizing the unity of all types among the Jewish people.

"We are concerned that the Four Species reach all of the most outlying IDF bases. This is no small challenge, but we try to do our best to facilitate a joyous holiday atmosphere in a strong and united army," concludes Rabbi Eitan.

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