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The Israel effort to prevent the Palestinian Authority (PA) from joining Interpol, the International Police Organization, has been unsuccessful so far.

This afternoon it became clear that the attempt to have the Interpol Executive Committee reject the PA's application had failed. Israel will therefore have to direct its efforts towards Interpol’s General Assembly, which will convene for its annual meeting in China tomorrow (Tuesday) and vote on new members.

The General Assembly is expected to approve the PA's bid to join the international law enforcement body.

Israel has waged a wide-spread diplomatic battle over the last several days to prevent the PA's imitative from succeeding. Israel seeks to strengthen the standards required to join Interpol.

The US has stood alongside Israel in seeking to convince the organization to deny the PA's request. The US believes that allowing the PA to join international bodies without negotiating with Israel gives the PA incentive to avoid peace negotiations altogether and undermines US efforts to broker a peace deal.

Israel fears that if the PA is allowed to join Interpol, sensitive intelligence will be leaked to Arab terrorist organizations. The Jewish State also believes that the PA could abuse Interpol membership and attempt to use the organization to issue arrest warrants against Israeli political and military officials.

Israel succeeded in preventing a similar PA bid to join Interpol last year, when the executive board voted to delay a vote on its application.