Binyamin Netanyahu speaks with Yaakov Litzman
Binyamin Netanyahu speaks with Yaakov Litzman FLASH90

The haredi parties are demanding that the government advance legislation enabling the Knesset to bypass Supreme Court decisions that nullify Knesset laws, conditioning their support of the 'Nationality Law' enshrining Israel as a Jewish state on the move being approved.

According to a report by Kan, haredi party heads Aryeh Deri and Yaakov Litzman conveyed to Prime Minister Netanyahu on Monday that they will not support the 'Nationality Law' unless legislation bypassing the Supreme Court is passed.

According to the report, the haredi parties are implementing a similar step to that made by Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon a few months ago, in which he refused to pass a law to dissolve Israel's Broadcast Authority unless Prime Minister Netanyahu supported Kulanu's 'Net Family Plan' for middle-class families.

Haredi parties need the bypass law in order to pass a new version of the Draft Law that would give haredi Jews draft deferments until 2023, but have run into vehement opposition from Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, who said the law 'hurts democracy". Kahlon's support is crucial, as his Kulanu faction holds a sizable bloc of 10 Knesset seats and wields veto power over all legislation that would change the Supreme Court's status.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court struck down a provision in the existing draft law, which extended draft deferments for full-time yeshiva students to 2023.

The proposed 'Nationality Law' would officially define Israel as a Jewish state and enshrines some of the practical aspects of the State of Israel being the nation-state of the Jewish people, such as an order to preserve the state's religious heritage and holy places according to their traditions. The law is advancing in the Knesset and is expected to pass in the upcoming winter session.

The Israeli government has been attempting to pass the 'Nationality Law' for years. In 2015, Prime Minister Netanyahu shelved a similar iteration of the bill after then-Justice Minister Livni vehemently opposed the bill and threatened a coalition crisis.

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