Soldier 'A' receiving decoration
Soldier 'A' receiving decorationIDF Spokesman

Commander of the Judea and Samaria Division, Brig. Gen. Eran Niv, presented a third honorary medal to the First Sergeant of the "Stinger" Oketz unit, which neutralized the terrorist who murdered three members of the Salomon family in Neve Tzuf.

In addition, a special certificate of appreciation was given to Major M., an officer of the Duvdevan Unit, who led his subordinates in hundreds of operations to thwart terrorist attacks in the State of Israel.

The head of Central Command, Roni Numa, said at the ceremony that the Neve Tzuf fighter 'A' "demonstrated initiative, kept his cool, and strove to make contact with his target.In his actions he displayed a fighting spirit, adherence to the mission, and prevented an even greater disaster.The IDF is blessed with soldiers and commanders who are courageous and loyal, and whose love of the homeland, love of man and brotherhood burns within them.

"Major M is an example of this. He is an officer from the Duvdevan unit who led his subordinates to perform hundreds of operations in which they thwarted terror and acted to protect the citizens of Israel. 'A' is also an example.And you, Shimon, father of 'A', are also an example of exemplary citizenship.You did not stay at home, you went out, you initiated action, and you provided a personal example. A double certificate of appreciation is given to you both for your performance at the incident and for the values you inculcated in your son 'A'.

"On the eve of the New Year and the beginning of the Jewish holidays of Tishrei, the motivation and inspiration to attack do not diminish," added Col. Noama, "Our forces will continue to work every day to prevent terror by concealed and open means for maintaining the security and quality of life of Israeli residents."

"חתר למגע ומנע אסון כבד עוד יותר"