Sara Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu Photo by Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

The City of Jerusalem on Monday evening published details on the scope of the employment of Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, as an educational child psychologist in the city's school system.

The municipality published the document following a ruling of the Jerusalem District Court, which was made in reply to a petition by journalist Ben Caspit of the Ma'ariv newspaper.

According to the document, in the past year Netanyahu has worked an average of 60.1 hours a month. As of September 1, 2016, the scope of Netanyahu's position has changed to a part time job.

The City of Jerusalem initially refused to provide the details on the grounds that it would harm the privacy of the Prime Minister's wife.

Netanyahu herself criticized Caspit for filing the petition, saying the sole purpose of the petition was to harm her and her husband.

Ultimately, Justice Arnon Darel ruled that "we should not ignore the fact that this is not an 'ordinary' employee who is like thousands of other municipal employees, but someone who, alongside her work, is a well-known public figure."

"Indeed, this does not mean that just because a person is a spouse of a person holding a senior public office, Prime Minister, minister or other senior official, the violation of his privacy is justified, but the matter of Mrs. Netanyahu is different,” the judge ruled.

Caspit is notorious for his dislike of the Netanyahus and has more than once criticized both the Prime Minister and his wife. In a 2012 interview, he claimed that Sara Netanyahu is "the most powerful person in Israel."

"Things are decided according to her will. Her husband cannot meet people whom she does not want him to meet… She has his operating program," he said at the time.