Hebrew University
Hebrew University Hezki Baruch

Hebrew University may have granted hundreds of fake degrees to graduates of their philosophy, economics and political science faculties.

The studies program in question, founded fifteen years ago, was never approved by Israel's Council for Higher Education.

In 2016, the Lavi organization, an anti-corruption NGO watchdog that protects civil rights and encourages settling the land of Israel, turned to the relevant authorities, including to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, demanding the issue be investigated and properly dealt with.

Recently, Mandelblit told Lavi that the investigation is still ongoing. Lavi therefore decided to submit a complaint against university officials to Israel Police. The complaint is criminal in nature and claims the officials granted students illegal degrees. The officials are also suspected of fraud and writing false information on corporate documents.

According to Lavi, the program's founders are enthusiastic supports of the leftist, anti-IDF organization "Breaking the Silence." They do not hide their program's agenda, and have in the past expressed views regarding their vision for the academic program.

The founders, Professors Avner De-Shalit and Daniel Attas, also said publicly that their graduates will serve in government positions and embed their philosophies into Israel's governmental systems.

Lavi noted that De-Shalit and Attas have to a large degree achieved their goal, with several hundred of their graduates are already serving in the Finance Ministry.

Israel Police will investigate the issue.

To read the entire complaint, click here. (Hebrew)