World renowned Israeli singer Noam Vazana was greeted with protests, riots, and charges that she is a 'child-killer' when she arrived in Morocco to participate in a jazz festival in the city of Tangier last week, Channel 2 reported.

Vazana, who spends part of the year in Israel and part of the year in the Netherlands, has released a number of successful albums in Italy, Morocco, the Netherlands, and Israel.

"I had already performed in Morocco several times and won the audience's approval. I enjoyed it very much," Vazana said. "But this time it was a very unpleasant experience."

News of Vazana's arrival in Tangier angered BDS activists, who demonstrated throughout the city, including in front of her hotel. The demonstrators chanted anti-Israel slogans, set fire to an Israel flag, and screamed that her service in the Israeli Air Force meant that she was involved in the murder of Arab children.

"I was in shock. I had already been in Morocco before, and I did not expect such a stormy reception," Vazana said. "It's true that I served in the air force, in the band. But I never killed anyone. It was really unpleasant. I was scared that they would try to hurt me."

The local press, social media, and Moroccan news websites called for Vazana's expulsion from the country and for the end of "normalization" with Israel. Many of the articles featured anti-Semitic caricatures.

"I came to appear before thousands of music lovers and found myself starring in political dramas in the local and national media."

"Despite all the threats, I decided to perform, and received enthusiastic applause from the audience, who supported me and encouraged me to return to Morocco and perform. I am a singer. I know that I needed security guards, but the audience loved me and made me feel at home."