Arutz Sheva spoke with American director, producer, and motivational speaker Meir Kay. Kay, 27, recently joined a Nefesh B'Nefesh flight to Israel.

Introducing himself, Kay said his true last name is Kalmanson, but "it's too long for the business card."

"I grew up in Connecticut," he said. "I got into video full-time three years ago. It's always been a passion of mine... I've loved always entertaining people, so I developed a video production company."

"My message through the work of videos is to touch people in a positive and motivational light. So a lot of my themes to my videos are about happiness, positivity, social experiments. I connect people, bring the best out of people, and as well, I make music videos and commercials."

Kay grew up in a Chabad home, and says the positive themes in his work are a reflection of "the kind of household" he was brought up in.

"Chabad's philosophy is about simcha (happiness) and to go out and to do outreach, and to spread goodness and kindness," he said. "So I way is a bit unconventional but it's a way nonetheless and I'm trying to embrace the talents that I love and have to make this world a better place."

Kay aims to reach everyone in his videos - not just Jews. The "overall" message, Kay said, is a "universal message."

When asked about how his activities - including spontaneous water fights with strangers - affect him as a person, Kay said it's "the best classroom in the world." Though New York is considered, he said, to be a "cold place, a distant place, where people don't connect," at the end of the day, "people are people."

"We all...laugh and smile at the same things, we all cherish the same things... If you strip it all away, we're quite similar to each other."