Justice Noam Sohlberg
Justice Noam SohlbergFlash 90

Supreme Court Justice Noam Solhberg cast the only dissenting vote in Tuesday's 8-1 decision striking down the haredi draft law. In his minority dissenting opinion, he sharply criticized his fellow Justices for being disconnected from Israeli society.

Solberg wrote that "the other Justices harsh criticism of the Draft Law - which they call "Swiss cheese," "masquerade," and "pretense" - is not only overly strict, but it ignores the true state of haredi society."

"The fierce debate in Israeli society regarding the haredi draft, in essence, is not a legal debate. It reflects a conflict between different narratives. The same act of drafting, that some consider a moral obligation, there are those who view it as a decree which is preferable to die rather than transgress."

Sohlberg wrote further that he would have refrained from striking down the law, instead letting the current trend of haredi Jews drafting at increasingly higher rates continue.

Solhberg, a religious Jew from the Eztion Bloc town of Alon Shvut, stressed that he yearned for a time when the value of serving in the IDF would be seen as equal to Torah study among the haredi world. "As a member of the religious community, I too await for the day when the balance between Torah study and 'sharing the burden' will be found" he said.