The Harel rescue helicopter
The Harel rescue helicopter Public relations

A helicopter from Israel's Harel Insurance Company rescued five Israelis stranded in Mongolia's Tavan-Bogd mountains.

The four hikers and an additional youth were stranded for an entire day on the snowy mountains.

None of them were injured.

The rescue was carried out by local staff working for Harel. The tourists' families have been notified of their rescue.

Nadav Kalifa, who commanded the rescue team, said Harel had decided to rescue the Israelis because they were stranded on snowy mountains. The helicopter left in the morning, but only reached Mongolia ten hours later, since the distance is 1,500 kilometers (932 miles). On the way, the helicopter stopped twice to refuel.

On Tuesday, a 28-year-old Israeli died from hypothermia while hiking in Spain's Pyrenees mountains. The Israeli Embassy in Spain is working to bring his body to Israel.

The youth was hiking with his girlfriend when the two lost their way in the mountains. The young woman was rescued via helicopter and taken to a local hospital. She was released in good health.

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